Remember when they were a penny?

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I found this at a garage sale years ago. It was so dirty, I actually thought it was brown. After cleaning it up, I actually found a great gumball machine in working order underneath all the dirt and grime.

Now I collect marbles when I go to antique stores to fill it.
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Hootin' Anni

I have one too….mine’s red and black…I like yours. Now tell me, did you put marbles inside? How darned clever!

My show n tell is petrified wood I found in our yard…I think. Come see what you think, your opinion is greatly valued.


What a great find! As kids, we begged for a penny to buy our gum- and how we laughed when it accidentally gave us more than one piece for out penny! I think filling it with old marbles was ingenious. 🙂 Sue


I LOVE IT!!!! Never know what you will find if you have some elbow grease, huh? Hope you have a blessed day!!!! Cher


My mom bought a pretty yellow pitcher at a 2nd hand shop recently.

Except when she got home and washed it, it was clear! It was still pretty though.


Great gumball machine! I like the marbles in it. 🙂


OH, how I have always wanted one of these. I never seem to find one in my budget. I think one would be so cute on the kitchen counter with peanuts in it. I love the color for sure…really retro looking.

Have a great VTT and a wonderful holiday weekend.