There is a new meme in town ~ Monday Munchies

I’m pleased to announce and welcome our newest contributor, Cheryl from The Perplexed Scribe to our sister blog The KrAzY KiTcHeN. Cheryl will be hosting Monday Munchies over at The KrAzY KiTcHeN. Please head on over and join her for this great new meme.

Monday Munchies will focus on quick and and healthy snacks that are both kid-friendly and budget-friendly. The simple recipes and short ingredient lists are designed to make cooking and eating easy and fun for kids, college students, busy moms and anyone else in need of a few fresh snack ideas. Each one will include modifications so kids can make it themselves or to make the food more appealing to picky kids, plus sometimes a few substitutions to make the recipe healthier.

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