Cultural Connections: Pancit Sotanghon Guisado

pansit sotanghon
Pancit Sotanghon is an all-time favorite of Filipinos worldwide and there is no Filipino birthday without a pancit, a symbol of long life and prosperity. But for me I do cook this whenever I feel like eating and this is a favorite variation from all the pancits that we have here. Here is how it is prepared.

And It’s not difficult as you may think but a little bit tedious because of so much chopping and cutting and slicing and dicing. You get the point.

Vermicilli noodles (preferably bean thread noodles from the Asian store)
garlic, crushed or pressed
onion, medium size, sliced
meat – shredded chicken, sliced beef or pork etc. (this can be omitted if you’re a vegetarian)
shrimp, boiled and peeled – can be omitted also
chopped vegetables – cabbage, carrots, green onions, mushrooms, celery – any kind of greens really
soy sauce
white pepper
wok if you have
chicken or beef stock – 4 cups of bouillon (sp) or if you are starting from scratch, boil chicken with an onion and some peppercorns – shred the chicken – and save the stock – optional but adds so much flavor if included

Amounts – no set amount – it depends on how much goodies you want in your noodles or how much noodles you want in your goodies.

Usually what I do, before I start, I soak the vermicilli noodles in plain water. (Note, the noodles may be looooong, so it is wise to cut them with scissors while they are soaking.)

While the noodles are soaking,

Heat sliced onions and pressed garlic in hot oil – make sure to crank up the heat to high – until onion becomes transparent and garlic turns brown. You have to stir them in the oil.

Add your meats and shrimp, stir until meat turns brown. Add the soy sauce, salt and pepper to add more flavor.

(Remember this is in high heat and you have to stir all the time.)

Add your vegetables … quick quick quick. Stir stir stir!

At this point, the juices of the meat and vegetables are oozing out, you have a cauldron of aromatic mixture.

Once you have your mixture thoroughly mixed, add the noodles and stir again. You have to be quick otherwise your vegetables will get soggy.

That’s it.

A squeeze of lemon or a sprinkling of lemon juice mixed with soy sauce would also add a zest before partaking. And serve with plain white bread.



This sounds so good Pacey! I will post something from my own cultural background to play along later this evening or tomorrow 🙂