Cultural Connections: Inihaw na Pusit/Grilled Squid

It’s that time of the week again to show our culture foods. Let’s all be connected here!
grilled squid

Squid is one of the favored seafood here in the Philippines. One of the best and simplest ways to cook them is to grill them. So easy, you just have to clean the squid by taking out the bone (plastic looking one) and make sure to wash out what’s inside so you won’t have a squishy feel. Marinate the squid in lime with soy sauce, add a little amount of sugar and pepper and after an hour you can now grill it. You may also stuff it up with minced or diced tomatoes and onions for additional taste. Grill appropriately for about 3-5 minutes, not so rare or done too long, otherwise you will get some unpleasant raw chewiness or will be like a chewing gum. Then slice to desired sizes and it’s ready. It’s incredibly great, munching that spongy meat and best dipped with sauces like spicy vinegar or kalamansi with soy sauce.


Yum! I usually only use squid in dishes with several types of seafood, but it sure is good! I’ll try to search my archives for a cultural food to post this week 🙂