Who will be featured next on Save Room for Dessert?

Welcome back to our weekly Save Room for Dessert! I can’t wait to see all the scrumptious recipes you have in store for us. Today, I am participating with Julia Child’s Classic Chocolate Mousse at Joy of Desserts.

Here, I am also featuring a few desserts which you, our readers and participants have shared over the last few weeks for Save Room for dessert. You might have missed some of these great participating recipes from earlier weeks since we grew so quickly — we have more than 100 posts, and already 61 followers in less than 2 months, not even counting the thousands who pop by thanks to search engines!

And don’t forget about “What Did You Bake Today?” hosted each Friday by Kristen of Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker. You can link your sweet desserts there too, or even link your baked savory dishes.

Bon appetit,

It helps everyone if you leave a link to your participating recipe in McKlinky, rather than just to your main blog, and let us know what your recipe is.
Thank you for participating!
EX: Tamy @ 3 Sides of Crazy (Banana Cake)
Joy @ Joy Of Desserts

Thank you all for your great recipes and comments!

Chaya (Sweet & Savory): I usually post Save Room for Dessert on Tuesdays — late afternoons or evenings — and you can immediately link your post(s). MckLinky also gives us 5 whole days to link before closing to new entries, so you can post during any of those days. You will still get plenty of traffic via search engines, and our readers who look through older posts. Of course Wednesday participants might not always think to check back. I’m sure after posting for a few weeks in a row, it will become a habit for you, or maybe a note on the refrigerator, or on the calendar, would work, too.

Sweet and Savory

Joy, can we link our recipes on other days than Wednesdays. Unfortunately, for the past two Wednesdays, I thought of posting on Tuesdays waiting, at least for the evening, I forgot all about it.

I have had recipes from both blogs each week and goofed both times.

Help your needy friend who is not going to find it easier when she returns to teaching.


Definitely a nice way to network, show off some great recipes, and give some players some acknowledgment! Maybe all of us here at the Krazy Kitchen should do something similar every once in awhile. Your recipe sounds awesome by the way! 🙂
Martha (Simple Supper Saturday)