Caramel apple dip, zucchini muffins and chocolate pecan pie recipes for Save Room for Dessert Wednesday

Is it already time for Save Room for Dessert Wednesday?!! Many of us are busy with back-to-school activities, and today I’m sharing a caramel apple dip recipe which you can use for your children’s lunchboxes, or even your own. My caramel apple dip recipe has cream cheese in it, and it is well-received at parties too.

This week’s featured participant recipes are Hoozier Homemade’s Zucchini Muffins and Emily’s Chocolate Pecan Pie! You won’t see zucchinis for dessert too often, and chocolate is a nice addition to traditional pecan pies, so if you missed their links last Wednesday, now it the time to go say “hi” to them. 🙂 Participate each Wednesday in Save Room for Dessert for a chance to be featured!

It helps everyone if you leave a link to your participating recipe in McKlinky, rather than just to your main blog, and let us know what your recipe is.
Thank you for participating!
EX: Tamy @ 3 Sides of Crazy (Banana Cake)

Hi Joy,
How have I missed your blog? I want to make…and eat everything!:-) I’m joining in next Wed., for sure! In the meantime, we are making that caramel apple dip!