Kinilaw na Guso for Cultural Connections

Time for cultural foods again and it simply means that it’s time to show us your country’s soul.
Guso (scientifically Eucheuma) is a type of seaweed very common in the Philippines especially in the Visayas region where it is most abundant. A very gelatinous, substantial seaweed and some prefer to blanch it for a few seconds before soaking it in vinegar and mixed with ginger, red bell pepper and tomato with some onion, its served cold. It tastes mainly of the dressing but the crunchy texture is really nice, similar to cucumber. It has a textural and mouth feel that is unlike most salads you have eaten before. This is best served with dried fish, rice and eaten with your hands. Stretch out your imaginations.
Guso is found in most night food markets, not really something you’ll see at corner stalls though. And for additional info, this is mostly in demand in the domestic and export markets, which can be be farmed easily along the coastal areas of the country and it took more than 50 years for the Filipinos to unlock the hidden wonders of the seaweed thus it now plays a major role in the commercial world as being turned into carrageenan.

Martha (Menagerie)

Pacey, there is little I love more than trying different cultural foods. This is another beautiful dish That I wish I had the opportunity to sample!

I posted a fancy version of an all American meatloaf but taken it up a notch. It’s a family favorite that I’ve linked to before but don’t want anyone to miss 🙂