Martha’s Menu Plans

I’m back to clean eating and working out over the next 12 weeks. I have been packing yogurt, fresh fruit, homemade granola bars, some type of salad, hummus with whole grain pita, wheat crackers or cut up veggies along with 6 bottles of water each day – that’s a mix and match I chose from for my breakfast, lunch and snacks during the week at work.

I have a protein shake after workouts late afternoon, and then a small healthy dinner. Here are my dinner plans for the upcoming week …

Sunday – Balsamic walnut salad, London broil, baked potatoes
Monday – Pressed steak paninis (using up leftover London broil) on whole grain sandwich thins, tossed salad
Tuesday – Grilled rosemary and garlic chicken with roasted asparagus
Wednesday – Chicken Caesar pitas on whole grain pita (using up leftover chicken)
Thursday – Sweet and spicy grilled salmon, fresh green beans and couscous
Friday – Salmon patties (using leftover salmon), salad
Saturday – Big pot of “Energy” soup – and kids cook night

We’d love to have links to all of your menu plans if you are a menu planner too. Just leave a link in the comment section so we can check it out!


Chris – I change the plans often, but when time is short (which it usually is on the weekdays) at least I have what I need ready to go for whatever I originally had planned for that day.