Try a New Recipe: Min & Ad’s Panini Sandwiches

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These sandwiches are our favorites, any time of year, but are especially tasty in the summer, when it starts getting too hot to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Aside from slicing the ingredients thinly and evenly, these just take a few minutes. Enjoy.
We purchased a nice Lodge cast-iron grill pan specifically for making this sandwich. We have even made these out in the middle of the desert, over a campfire with our grill pan. We did get a grill press on amazon also, but have since found a bigger, better one from Pampered Chef.

š Fresh French bread, cut in four segments; one loaf will make about four large sandwiches
š Thinly sliced roast beef
š Pancetta or procuitto
š Thinly sliced Provolone
š Thinly sliced:
o Tomatoes
o Cucumbers
o Red onions
o (red, yellow or green bell peppers, optional)
š Salt
š Olive oil
  1. Preheat grill pan and grill press on medium-high
  2. Slice each piece of French bread, careful to keep it parallel with the flattest side—top or bottom—of the bread. (to avoid sliding)
  3. Drizzle inside bottom piece of bread with olive oil—the bread will go on the grill dry, so don’t oil the bottom.
  4. Carefully layer on bottom bread:
    1. cheese
    2. pancetta
    3. cucumbers (lightly salt cucumber layer—important)
    4. roast beef
    5. tomatoes
    6. onions (just a few, not a whole slice)
    7. cheese
    8. top piece of bread
  5. Carefully transfer sandwich to grill pan. Drizzle top of sandwich with olive oil and press down gently. Once you’re sure things won’t slide around too much, press harder. Sometimes if your bread is uneven on top, you will need to keep hold of the press the whole time.
  6. Grill sandwich, pressing, until bottom cheese is melted. Carefully flip sandwich, drizzle with olive oil and press and grill again until warm, melted and nicely toasted.


I love paninis and this one looks extra thick and good. I used to use a press like yours but my brother got me a nice one for Christmas. I wouldn’t have spent the $ myself but it sure was a nice present!


My press isn’t one of those fancy electric panini-maker things, it’s just a low-tech, cast iron piece with a handle, like the kind they use for bacon, but bigger. It works great. I’ll try to add a link tonight…


Looks fantastic! I love a good panninis. I have a large grill pan and usually use my Lodge cast iron skillet to press them down. The press looks easier!


Sounds yummy Min!
Since I don’t have a press I usually make my panninis in my little foreman grill – it’s not the easiest way but it works 🙂