How often do you try new recipes? I try them a lot, if you hadn’t already guessed! If you could use a little “push” to try new recipes, want to experiment with new ingredients, or just want to spice up your blog with a little fun, then my friend’s monthly food blog event, Taste & Create, may be for you!
If you haven’t heard of Taste & Create, let me tell you about it! I participate every month, and even run the event when my friend Nicole needs help. Participants are randomly paired up, and tasked with creating a recipe from their partner’s blog, and then blogging about it! It really is a lot of fun, and with international participants, you never know with whom you’ll be paired up! I’ve had partners from India, Kuwait, the U.S., Canada and beyond! I’ve also made some good blog friends and broadened my family’s horizons with different recipes.
In June, my T&C partner was Chaya, who you may know from right here at OKK! Chaya has a few different blogs, including Bizzy B. Bakes, and has even contributed some recipes at my blog, The Bad Girl’s Kitchen!
When I discovered Chaya’s Stuffed French Toast recipe, I had to try it! It sounds delightfully simple, filled with cinnamon cream cheese. And delicious too!


I used different measurements of some ingredients than Chaya, both to serve my family of 4 and to better suit our tastes. You can see my Cinnamon Stuffed French Toast recipe here, and Chaya’s Cinnamon Stuffed French Toast recipe to serve 2 here.

Think of it as Dueling Stuffed French Toasts!
But not really, because Chaya and I are blog buddies. =)

And please consider joining us over at Taste & Create! It is a great experience, and you’ll have fun in the process, and be encouraged to try new recipes! For more information, go see How it Works. Don’t forget that the signup each month is on the 8th! Hope to see you there!

Please visit me at The Bad Girl’s Kitchen for more fabulous recipes!