Fresh Spring Rolls for Cultural Connections

Today for Cultural Connection I thought some nice fresh no bake dish would be perfect for the middle of the summer. Fresh Spring rolls are great for lunch or an appetizer, served with the dipping sauce of choice!

I spend a lot of time in my local Asian market called Oriental Food & Gifts Import they are so nice and friendly and of course they know me well by now. On Saturdays my daughter and I like to get the Korean sushi for lunch, or sometimes the dumplings or other good things they happened to be making. On one of the earlier visits I picked up this cool vegetable peeler that will shred the vegetable at the same time. They told me it was good for making spring rolls so they me how to make them. This was my first attempt, I think it takes a little practice to get the feel of the skins, and wrap it where it looks pretty. I’m a little better now…

Here is the handy tool I used to help me prep the veggies, you can use anything you like in these. I used, cucumber, carrots, daikon radish, leaf lettuce, zucchini, bean sprouts (which I actually forgot to put in these) cilantro, rice noodles and imitation crab. The rice noodles I had on hand were either too skinny or too thick, so I did try a little of both. You could go with any size, both were fine. I wanted to use avocado, but the one I had left was too far gone. This time I used the square spring roll wrappers. Place them in warm water for about 10 seconds until they soften.

Place the skins on a plate or damp towel. If using square ones like I did the tip should be towards you. If using round ones you place the filling near the same spot on the bottom third/center. Like you were making a burrito.

Start wrapping, not too tight, but gently push the air out, but since we’re not frying them that not so important.

Ttuck it all in and keep rolling it should stick to itself nicely because it’s still moist.

When you are done rolling it place it on a dampened cloth or paper towels and cover with same so they won’t dry out as you are rolling the other ones. You can eat them right aways or refrigerate if kept moist. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce. I used what I like with pot stickers. Tamari (or good soy sauce), toasted sesame oil, and rice vinegar. Some like it with a little sweetener or sriracha hot chili sauce. I think next time I ‘m going to serve it with Thai peanut sauce.

Make them the way you like them, and they can easily be made all vegetarian. Enjoy!