Martha’s Menu Plans

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I had previously posted my menu for the month at my regular blog Menagerie. I thought I’d repost this slightly changed version of this week’s menu here since it’s a super easy “Back to school” menu plan!

– Baked Italian chicken breasts (bulk package/2 pans), stuffing, roasted asparagus, cranberry sauce, and dinner rolls

Sunday’s baked Italian chicken recipe will be featured on next week’s Simple Supper Saturday right here at The Krazy Kitchen! 🙂

Monday – (Leftovers meal #1) Chicken cordon bleu pockets (recipe coming soon too!) with leftover cranberry sauce or salad with citrus balsamic dressing.
Tuesday – (Leftovers meal #2) Chicken Caesar pitas
Wednesday – Pizza night ($4.99 large pizzas) with chicken veggie soup (Leftovers meal #3)
Thursday – Spaghetti and meatballs (using homemade sauce and meatballs from the freezer), salad and garlic bread (make double batch for appetizer night).
Friday – Appetizer night – Bruschetta
Saturday – Hubby and/or kids cook

Have a great week!


i made your raviolis today, but with a little twist. they looked more like dumplings.. but they were delicious!!! the dough and everything! great!!!

they tasted great!

I’ll be posting about them on Wednesday with some pictures and a link to your blog.

Delicious. I was like WOW!!!