You may remember that I write a Tuesday post over at The Motivation Station. I invite you to join us if you too are struggling with anything in life. We are all there just to muddle through together and offer advice, helpful hints and laugh together.

Ironically this week’s challenge deals with the same topic that the team members over at The Motivation Station have been struggling with. You see we too don’t have all the answers and are always in search of a better way to keep up with day to day life.

We have been trying to “categorize” life so that we could motivate our readers as well as ourselves the past few months. The challenge in that is that none of us are all in the same place in life at the same time in life. This in and of itself is scary to me. Trying to write a single topic that appeals to many leaves me choosing my words very carefully instead of just typing and letting my words flow.

While this month’s topic is taking care of business, that is one seriously
broad topic! It also makes me keep falling back on the Yiddish proverb, Man Plans, God laughs! Every single time I see on it on a bumper sticker, I laugh because I know it is true.

We all have plans. With each stage of life, we imagined who we would be when we “arrived.” But when we got there, things were not quite the way we imagined. Life continues to not turn out like we expect. In fact, at times life seemed to take another direction entirely. For many of us, it feels like we have failed. We don’t measure up. We are not who we thought we would be. Life is not turning out like we planned.

So my question this week to our readers is what are you doing that is outside your comfort zone that we could help you with?
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