Monthly Mystery Ingredient Challenge: Coconut!

If you know me, you know I love coconut. That’s why I chose COCONUT as the May Mystery Ingredient. Well, folks, it’s that time, the winners have been chosen.

Surprisingly there were only a few entries, but that just makes my job easier. With only three entries, guess what? I get to name the TOP THREE winners. This is the KrAzY kItChEN after all.

Coming in first, the lovely Melissa of Frugal Creativity with a recipe after my own heart. Lucky for Melissa, one of the many things I miss about our Mexican vacation was walking barefoot down the beach with a few pesos in my swim trunks to the ice cream store. There, they sold The Best Toasted Coconut Ice Cream Ever. I can only hope that Melissa’s recipe will compare. Because I am hopeful, Melissa wins the top spot with her Toasted Coconut Ice Cream!

1st Place Winner:

Our second place winner is Charlene of Secrets of a Southern Kitchen, with Quick and Easy Coconut Macaroons. These chewy flavorful cookies are another favorite of mine, I love them but rarely make them. I have a feeling that is about to change with Charlene’s recipe!

2nd Place Winner:

And finally, we have Debbi of Debbi Does Dinner with her Almond Joy Amish Friendship Bread. Almonds, chocolate AND coconut? How can you go wrong with this one. I do have an Amish bread starter floating around the freezer somewhere, so this is definitely on my list:

3rd Place Winner:

Thank you all for playing along, and stay tuned for the next
Monthly Mystery Ingredient Challenge!
Who knows what it will be??
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for more fabulous COCONUT recipes!

And I’ll see you back here next week for the regularly scheduled Try a New Recipe!

Oh my. Those all look delicious! That friendship bread is making me drool. How about sticking some of the ice cream between the macaroons and making a coconut ice cream sandwich? Mmmm.