Try a New Recipe: Crepes Nutella

We had a wonderful trip to Paris and the French countryside! I know you were all wondering! I expected to come back several pounds heavier from eating everything I possibly could, but no such luck. I have a couple cookbooks with traditional recipes from the region we visited in the country, but they are in French and will take some time for me to translate and prepare.
There were so many things we ate that were delicious beyond words, and I am wishing more than anything there was a French Patisserie right here on the ranch. One of the best things about France is the bread and butter. It’s just sooooo good. Our four-year-old boy, Sawed Off, absolutely LIVED on bread (no butter for him). Our seven-year-old lived on Escargot. That’s right, I said snails. He LOVES snails.
The other thing we were able to get Sawed Off to eat (just to balance out his diet), and that you and I can very easily recreate right here at home, were Crepes Nutella. (and if you don’t believe that carbs and chocolate are part of a balanced diet, well…perhaps you shouldn’t take that trip to Paris after all…)
I really don’t know how many times Sawed Off ate Crepes Nutella. Yes, crepes with that lovely chocolate hazelnut spread that you can buy right here in the States! And they are so easy to make.
I’ve already given you the crepe recipe, so just make a batch of crepes. While they are still hot, spread thinly (or thickly) with Nutella, fold, serve and ENJOY! Tres simple!

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I think the nutella crepes were my single most favorite food when I visited Paris. Yum! Glad to hear you had a great trip, it’s a lovely city!