2021 A New Year and ALL the Possibilities

2020 has taught me to really appreciate life and all it has to offer as well as ALL it has to throw at me with a positive attitude.  There is always something to be thankful for – even when bad things happen.

While we have some control in our life, we are NOT IN control, God is!  I am stronger than I give myself credit for MOST of the time and when I’m not, it is perfectly fine to ask for help from others in my life, those that love me will help even in the worst of times. The acts of prayer and faith can give me the strength to overcome my own thoughts, doubts and fears.

So with all of this in mind, I’m entering 2021 with a renewed spirit and faith that it WILL be a better year!


Just 3 years ago I underwent life changing surgery that they promised me would get easier and better to live with as time went on. I’m here to tell you that this was only partially true 🙁 SOME days I feel “normal” and can even eat relatively normal, but MOST days I’m still afraid to eat most things and I’m still having some severe reactions that can shut down my day at a moment’s notice.

So, when my friend Martha over at Seaside Simplicity suggested replacing resolutions with 30 day challenges I had to jump in with both feet in an effort to “regulate” my life and have an element of control over my life in general. I’ll even pop back in periodically with a progress report to hold myself accountable.

I don’t normally do “resolutions” per se, but if ever there was a year that needed to be changed it would be 2020.  So for 2021 we’ll call it “life style” changes for the better.

She gave a suggestion link to 100 different ideas to do as 30 day challenges. The challenges were listed with a side note of easy, medium or hard.  As I went through the list I found 19 that I already do:

  • Menu Plan
  • Morning & Bedtime Routines
  • Set a list of Daily Priorities
  • No Alcohol
  • No sugar & No Fast Food – this one gets a side note – sometimes this is just plain unavoidable especially during the pandemic if you had to travel at all, but this is NOT a way of life for me.
  • Stopped watching the news.
  • No credit cards.
  • Started multiple blogs
  • No smoking
  • Make or Build something
  • Make bed daily
  • Practice Gratitude – Pay It Forward
  • Random Act of Kindness
  • Talk to a Stranger – something I do that irritates hubby to no end sometimes!
  • Take a photo EVERY day – also something I do that irritates hubby to the other end sometimes!
  • Read Everyday – I always read as I fall asleep and in the car and in waiting rooms…

And another 66 I don’t want to do 😀 EVER

So that leaves these 15 or so that I am going to try and incorporate into 2021. There will obviously be some overlap since there are only 12 months in a year, not to mention we are hopeful for a BIG move for a new project house in 2021, but I will start with this list and all the good intentions hat go with it. I’ll then adapt as necessary as some are more involved than others. Many are also not just 30 day challenges, but lifestyle changes to be incorporated into a daily life.

  • Keep a Daily Food & Sugar Level Journal so I can continue trying to figure out trigger foods and/or times to avoid the dumping syndrome reactions as well as the hypoglycemic reactions caused by trying to eat “normal” food.
  • Learn to Program this is something that has always intrigued me and I know just enough to work my blog and get myself into trouble sometimes 🙂 so would like to know more.
  • Meditate this is something that I think will help with my health issues and food issues if I could learn to slow down and take things easier on myself.
  • Detox House I really want to be more ecologically responsible with using simple vinegar based cleaning products and staying away from chemically produced products. I’ll be making my own dryer sheets with essential oils and things like this.
  • Learn A New Skill… oil painting, wood burning... Learn to Draw This is also something I’ve always wanted to do better.  Included in this category is learning to paint with alcohol inks.
  • Write in my Journal Daily This category will also help with the meditation I think. I’ll split my time between a regular journal and my faith based journaling. I already do meal plan journaling.
  • Cook a New Recipe Every day This category is one that is ALMOST one I already do, but I want to do even better at. BUT, EVERY day is a super stretch as it leaves no room for pizza or hubby cooking so I’ll settle for 3 weeks out of the month or so. 😀
  • Practice Minimalism As we prepare for the BIG move this one is really important to me. I’m beginning with the Christmas decorations and sorting to donate a good portion of the decorations and artificial tree.
  • Eat Vegan (plant based) for a Month This category is going to take some research, not to mention some coercing on hubby’s part, but I really think there could be some serious health benefits by doing this.
  • 10,000 steps daily I’m usually pretty close to this, but I want to make a concentrated effort for the DAILY part of this statement.
  • Burpees daily & Whole Body Fitness Challenge We joined a gym last year and then the pandemic hit so never got into a good routine. This too will require a little research at first, not to mention some serious discipline to do it at home, but is TOTALLY doable!
  • Clean Up Digital Clutter We really need new computers, something I’m trying to put off until after the move and after I clean up all the files and photos. But, I also want to clean up my blogs and their recipe categories.