A little closer to a kitchen!

Yeah, the ‘old’ kitchen is almost finished being gutted!

We had to do some support timber work in the basement and some dry rot repair and some old electrical removal (knob & tube, it’s so old), but we’re getting ther
e. It always seems to be a ‘domino’ effect ~ can’t do one thing without doing 10 others first!

My dear hubby has been working his butt off to get this done by winter. We found a kitchen cabinet guy who was retiring and bought his displays for a HUGE discount. Since these were going into the “new” portion of the kitchen, it actually made life a little easier. We actually got the cabinets mounted in 1 day! It’s so nice to have a place to put all the dishes. Now to start on the white wainscotting that goes on the wall between the cabinets and then eventually a new counter top!!


You have made remarkable progress!! OH, your aching backs. Wish we were closer to offer help if wanted (or needed)

Love Mom