So I was working on catching up on email this morning and found a blog comment from someone I didn’t know.

Well curiosity killed this cat and I had to go check out her blog to see what she liked. It’s great. She touches on some great common everyday issues and I left her this comment.

“I SOOOOOOOO agree with you. Where were the parents raising some of these people in the public? Have they ever heard of common courtesy or Emily Post? I was raised to smile and acknowledge everyone politely. I also managed a restaurant hostesses and server staff for many years and ALWAYS taught them that the customer really did come first ~ DO NOT walk by someone without at least saying “hello” or “someone will be right with you”. Some of my servers used to complain about tips not being what they should be and their customers were ‘difficult’ and I always told them that their service probably wasn’t what it should have been to earn a better tip. I’d ask them what they did to make their customers meal a more enjoyable experience so they would be less ‘difficult’. The servers that took that as a challenge and changed their attitudes became better servers and made more money and they (servers AND customers) were happy. I believe in Pay it Forward, starting with a smile and acknowledgment. So today I’m acknowledging you and hoping the next person you encounter smiles and at leasts says hello.”

I repost it on my blog to remind us all that we are all in this together. Be kind and courteous to everyone. Maybe they’re grumpy, but maybe you can make it better for them by just being NICE. Despite the consensus of many today, NICE MATTERS. It will make your day and theirs and you’ll feel a whole lot better!!