My Vintage Heart Swap hosted by From My Cherry Heart

I love doing swaps, especially for holidays. They’re so much fun. This one is hosted by Dolly at From My Cherry Heart.

I have an unusually spelled name despite it being a common name and Dolly thought it would be cute to pair me with someone that has the exact same unusually spelled common name. My partner is Tamy at Simply Mein. I just love irony! I’d never met another spelled exactly the same way.

Here was the swap scoop…..
You will be paired with one partner…..
for your partner you will fill a container with hearts
The container can be of your choice, store bought or handmade…
ideas… heart shaped basket, bowl, box, stocking, bucket, etc
Fill it with anything with hearts on it or heart shaped!
examples, hankies, chocolates, vintage valentines, note pads,
plate, bowl, candy dish, linens, laces, ribbon, scrap booking goodies,
candles, soaps, confetti, stickers, barrettes, etc.
My five simple requests are…
1. keep the color scheme pink, red and white
2. include at least one vintage heart item
3. all of the items have to be heart shaped or have hearts on them!
4. make sure your partner receives their goodies before valentines day February 14th!
5. please please please communicate with your partner!

So, I had an excuse to go shopping both out and here at home through my trunk of vintage goodies I save just for swaps. I found this great red basket and started filling. I was amazed how much would fit in there. As you read this list I think you will be too! I started with a Vintage heart item of a wooden checkerboard (my aunt made these a number of years ago) with a cute stenciled bag of heart pieces. The board fit nicely under the basket. In the basket she’ll find: a recipe, heart cupcake liners and heart sprinkle to make red, white & pink cupcakes, a package of cellophane bags covered in hearts to put the cup cakes in, a jar of homemade applesauce from the apples off my tree, note cards with a heart border, red Twizzlers, strawberry pink malt balls, Brach’s conversation hearts and socks covered in hearts. I also found a vintage pink Hallmark heart ornament with the gold tag daughter on it (after all she is a daughter) and vintage pink napkins with Dept 56 red cutlery napkin ring holders. Then I found room for some pink chap stick, a Jolee’s red flower for scrap booking, a Teddy Bear heart tea light candle holder with adorable red, white & pink heart tea light candles and a package of red, white & pink pencils. Then I found still more room for a package of Country Horseradish & bacon dip mix and 2 hearts & a floral corner Stampin’ Up stamps. I sure hope she likes it!


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