Thursday Thirteen post #3 (131) 13 of my favorite Words & their meanings

13 of my favorite misused or over used words

  • Adage ~ an old saying illustrating some universal truth
  • Analogy ~ particular resemblance between things otherwise unalike
  • Anecdote ~ an interesting or amusing story
  • Banality ~ overused, common and lacking originality
  • Cliche’ ~ something that has become overly familiar or commonplace
  • Epitome’ ~ the perfect representation ~ quintessential
  • Euphemism ~ a polite word or phrase used in place of an offensive one
  • Hackneyed ~ common place, pedestrian, dull from overuse
  • Insipid ~ lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate or challenge
  • Metaphor ~ a figure of speech comprised of a word or phase that transfers its meaning to to another use as a means of illustration EX: drowning in paperwork
  • Platitude ~ trite remark often spoken as original though
  • Quintessence ~ the purest essence of something
  • Vapid ~ stale, lacking liveliness
Hootin' Anni

I used to use ‘insipid’ a lot!!! Now you got me goin’ on it again. LOL

[for some reason your link left in the T-13 hub comments didn’t work so I did just the main url addy in my address bar for my browser and found you!]

My 13 is all about the Chinese New Year that begins today. Come see which symbol you are. I love visitors.