~*~Formal Dining Room/Parlor/Office Update~*~

So moving the office/studio upstairs didn’t quite work for me or us. Plus hubby was going to put a pool table in the former formal dining room, but it turned out to be 1 foot not wide enough. So, here we go again…………….

At least we’re getting it all painted as we go. So, the cocoa color is out and in this new office the bottom will be the Oklahoma Wheat like the living room, but the top which is old embossed wall paper will be Innocence White. The wall paper is in excellent condition, but a little tired after many years. The paint is helping to seal it and brighten the color at the same time. You can really see the difference in the 3rd picture. These rooms were fortunately all mold free.

So the old spare bedroom is going back to being the new spare bedroom, but the sewing and crafts will stay there. The old office/studio will now be the pool room and the futon will actually make it a 3rd spare bedroom when necessary. The old formal dining room will become the new office. This will force me to keep it a lot cleaner since the formal dining room, oops, the office is the center of the house.