Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Protocol ::Red Tape
  2. Girlfriends ::Priceless
  3. Shoulders ::nice to lean on
  4. Coming home ::Relief
  5. Let it in ::Sunshine
  6. Honor ::Military
  7. Tyler ::Texas BBQ
  8. Thriller ::Roller Coaster
  9. Angela::Murder She Wrote
  10. The winner is ::Always around the next corner
Jean @ Penny Lane

Great answers. I love the red tape.
As I was reading Serena’s comment all I could hear in my head was that 5th Dimension song from Hair -“Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in . . .”

After I posted mine, I did think of Roller Coaster as a thriller as a second thought.


Oh I really enjoyed your answers!
I agree with Serena, too. The clouds have just rolled in here, but I sure would like to let the sun shine in.
And your response to thriller is. . .well, I got goosebumps just thinking about it (I’m very afraid of roller coasters: they combine the worst of most of my phobias)