Menu Plan Monday

  • Monday~Tacos with home made tortillas and re-fried beans
  • Tuesday~Lasagna with Salad and home made balsamic vinaigrette
  • Wednesday~Meatloaf with twice baked potatoes
  • Thursday~Creamy Tomato Soup with baked Parmesan Croutons
  • Friday~Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese with grilled bratwurst
  • Saturday~Spaghetti & Meatballs & Salad
  • Sunday~Hamburgers & Potato Salad

I also do Favorite Ingredient Friday hosted by Overwhelmed with Joy, so this is making a great addition to help keeping me on track and finding so new recipes! And I’m also doing 5 NIGHT DINNER CHALLENGE hosted by Sommer Designs. Doing more than one helps keep me on track, though you’d never know this week!!