Give Me 5 Monday

Today’s theme is five ways you like to de-stress, relax, wind down or kick back. All four of these have different meanings for me. De-stress means I was recently manic and need to calm down. Relax means having friends over or going out with friends, wind down means I’ve been working non-stop and kick back means there’s probably a spring or summer breeze. So in no order of preference:

  • A cool drink, a wave lapping at my feet and a good book in hand as I sit in the sand under an umbrella.
  • A hot chocolate with lots of tiny marshmallows, my feet curled under me with my favorite cozy blanket, a fire popping and a good book.
  • Dinner and drinks at a comfortable restaurant with friends laughing at silly stories or bad jokes.
  • Picnicking with family and watching the children laugh and play.
  • quilting or crafting.

Oh man o man!!!! You win! LOL

You made a good point about the different meanings of the words. That’s why I used so many different ones. I figured if I only put one or two, some people might say, I never do that, I’m not participating! LOL

You put up a great list here! I love the first one, I am squa in the middle of the country so getting to a decent ocean beach is quite a trek! I think we spend way too few moments like these. Most other moments are spent dreaming about getting to these places LOL
Great GM5 this week Tamy!