Unconscious mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings

A quick bit of free association, it lists a word/phrase and you are supposed to list the first thing that pops into your head.

This meme is hosted at Luna Nina

  1. Stuffed: Full
  2. Gills: Fish
  3. Distance: miles
  4. Panties: cotton
  5. Checkered: racing, as in flag
  6. Fill in: the blank
  7. Taunting: bully teasing
  8. Diner: blue plate special
  9. Pizza: Round Table Italian Garlic Supreme, I’ve been craving one since we moved and can’t get them here
  10. Best friend: hubby & Jenn

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Great mutterings. Your Round Table answer reminded me of my sister … it’s her favorite as well. We don’t get that here either so now I miss her and the pizza. LOL

Enjoyed my visit. 🙂

Hootin' Anni

I love the association with your ‘diner’….a blue plate special!!! Good one. What’s on it? Something that the ‘red plate special’ DOESN’T have I expect, right? I love this.


Howdy! Thanks for stopping by my mutterings. Mmmm…. I know what I want for breakfast, one of those garlic supreme pizzas!!!!!!!

Have a nice day 🙂