HOT STUFF indeed!

I just have to share this wonderful box full of goodies that just arrived from my cousin Beth, the AjiQueen over at the Bayou Trader, PEPPERMANIA. We don’t get to chat as often as we’d like due to our busy schedules which makes a box like this all the more special.

It has so many fun things in it. There are 2 cookbooks; Mexican Cooking Exotic and Authentic Recipes from Central America by Roger Hicks and Texas Peppers The Jalapeno Cookbook by Peggy Struble as well as the Peppermania newsletter, a sea salt and chiles grinder from La Reina as well as some Texas Red trophy chili mix. I can’t wait to sit down tonight and read through them all. Pop on over and check out her pictures at AjiQueen and Peppermania. I especially like the one this past year where she won the chili cook-off.