I had to check your ‘mutterings’ when I saw you’d posted them. I tend to post once daily and include many things. I didn’t think Thanksgiving for ‘dressing’ but wish I had. I did think of Shakespeare’s Macbeth but went with something more mundane. Thanks for visiting mine at Small Reflections when you checked out my Camera Critters. You might enjoy yesterday’s post on my other blog, Sacred Ruminations too ;–)
Hugs and blessings,


Here’s a secret… well not so much… Paul and I met online, back when it wasn’t “popular” to do so. I hated explaining it to anyone, because everyone had a million questions.

Jean at Penny Lane

WOW — those answers are outstanding! Online dating not for me either so I guess we matched.

I just went to check on my blog and see you are there and commented! LOL
Yes, last night I was watching Law and Order.

Yes, on #10, could only think of a variety of addictions of sorts. LOL

Have a wonderful day and week.
You are tops!
I am going to snoop around your blog now. LOL