Camera Critters

My Friend Misty has started a new meme.
It’s taken off really well. Who can resist critters?
Come join us and have some fun.

You can get more information at
Camera Critters.

We had a vet appointment this day and had his harness on, but wanted him to have some fun first so we decided to give Gunner his new summer toy a little early since he’s missed some serious springtime yard fun with all the snow we’ve had. At first he was hesitant, but then he caught on.


Playful babes in the snow! North Woods in MN??? I agree…God’s country! Gunner sure is gorgeous and so blessed to have a place to roam and run! Very kind of you to give him R&R before vet.(((LOL)))

Thank you for loving my Chiqui!
She can’t wait to go back to MN!
Not as far north just Stillwater!
Bless you for visiting us so quickly and for the complement!


Gunner is a good lookin’ dog! I love seeing dogs playing with their toys.

I like your Wordsworth quote above. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting earlier!


I have a neighbor fur friend named gunner 🙂

your gunner is one cool guy. he even color coordinates his toys to his harness, now that’s class.