Camera Critters~Meet THUMPER

My Friend Misty has started a new meme.

It’s taken off really well.
Who can resist critters? Come join us and have some fun.
You can get more information at Camera Critters.

This is the infamous Thumper who shares with the deer. Isn’t he adorable? I had some wilted leaf lettuce that I put out with corn before I left for the store. I happened to have the camera with me and was able to get some pictures actually looking towards the house instead of my norm out the door shots, but then you get those too. He likes to hang out under the porch. You can see just enough room for him to scoot under that back edge near the stairs.


Thumper’s adorable! I love rabbits, I mean, who doesn’t? I think it must be good luck to have one living under your house though. Very cool. We have some that show up in our neighborhood from time to time…and boy, they move FAST.

Great Camera Critter share this week! I have a post up for CC today also. :o)

Misty Dawn

*waving* Hi Thumper!!! He’s SO absolutely cute! I love his color – it looks like he has a bit of an orangish tint to him. What a sweetie! Now I want a bunny!


He is cute. I really don’t want to see any of these little guys around here. They eat my garden if I don’t watch out!