A Crafters AHA Moment ~ and the Decision it Dawned

I had a rare and unusual afternoon to myself and I did the girly girl thing and went shopping. For those of you that know me, you know this is not something I do. I have a list, I check it twice, I’m in and I’m out, end of story! Here in the North Woods, the choices are limited and nothing like what I always had available in SO CAL, but on this particular rainy afternoon I had a very short list and decided instead to browse where I could. I did the department stores (there’s only 2) and then the boutique and specialty stores (only a couple of those too) and thought WOW, I’m done. Then I came to Michaels on my way out of town. It was raining so hard I almost didn’t stop, but I’m glad I did.

Michaels was where the AHA moment struck. I had been having a fairly relaxing afternoon until I walked in there and started thinking about all the unfinished projects I have to do, all the bits and pieces of craft tools that I have and that I actually don’t enjoy some of them like I thought I would, but feel obligated to complete them.

SO my AHA moment was enlightening as I made a mental list (I am a serious list maker) of the crafts I like or love (quilting, stained glass, scrap booking and photography) the crafts I want to try (candle making and altered canvas) and the crafts I want to give up forever (crocheting, rubber stamping, doll making after I finish these last 2 and everything else that’s not in the above 2 lists)!

I remembered what my Rhuematologist said when I first got sick. “It is okay to give yourself permission to not be stressed whether that is giving up a person, a place or a job”. Since I’m a caretaker kind of person I always feel bad about not being ALL things to ALL people, but am learning it really is okay to say NO and please just yourself once in awhile.

When we moved, I donated a ton of stuff to the girl scouts for crafts, even shipped several boxes back to my old troop the next year, but it obviously wasn’t enough. I’ll be donating all the rest of the crafty bits and pieces and tools to the local after school program for the kids and not feeling one bit guilty about it either!


You should be feeling really good about this. You’re kind to donate your items. And it sound like you’re doing what your doctor wants you to do to reduce stress – say no – to yourself, even.