SIMPLICITY is my new name

I helped a friend do her rummage sale yesterday and it really inspired me to get on the ball. I had been working towards having one too. Hubby doesn’t want to do a rummage sale, but instead wants me to donate to the VFW for their rummage sale. I’ll give the clothes to ST. Vincent DePaul’s and the craft items to the scouts and after school programs.

We had soooooooooooooooo many things that had been boxed and stored that date back to the Northridge earthquake, my dad’s death, my grandfather’s death, moving my mom from her house to her condo and then out of state, moving my grandmother out of her house and into managed care, the problems with this house and having to leave so many things boxed and toted until walls went back up, and now with the discovery of yet another wall we can’t save from the mold I’m going to lose the great built in china cabinet and be left with just a couple of glass doors and a knick knack curio cabinet which is okay too. I’ll get an extra 25 square feet or so in the bathroom.

Anyway, I started pulling it all out (AND I DUG SUPER DEEP) and am boxing it up. I got busy and went through all the boxes, cupboards, drawers, closets, etc… and came up with this plus the 2 dozen boxes in the barn that I’ve already packed up. I’m ONLY keeping the family items that have special memories and the rest is all going. I feel better already. Ironically this was all behind closed doors and there was no clutter until now!!


This is what I have been slowly working on too! I did take all of the junk out of the garage and put it on the road! It was amazing to see how many people came by to pick up my junk-lol! I still have a lot to do though!


I’d just open the front door and tape off the places you don’t want people to go! There is a lot of stuff there.

Oh and thanks a bunch for reminding me that I still have a whole pile of stuff in the garage that I intended to get rid of last summer – now I have to do something about it.