Who doesn't need a chance at $500?

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting $500 Libby’s contest. All you have to do is share one of your family’s tips – or simply hang out with the rest of us trying to scrape by (misery loves company right?) – in their comments, and they will draw one lucky winner who will receive $500 courtesy of Libby’s to help ease their family’s budget pains.

This was my tip(s):

One of the best tips I have is that I sit down and take the time to plan out a menu for the month based on the calendar of events (you know taking into account meetings, events, etc…).

With the cost of produce and groceries in general I plan these meals so that if I need half of an onion for Monday night’s meal, I plan a meal on Tuesday night that uses the other half, etc… We have virtually NO waste!

I also keep a ziploc bag in the freezer for meat scraps, you know not enough to feed the family with, but after a couple times enough to make soup out of.

I also take and clean out the vegetable drawer and puree anything wilted to throw in the freezer as a soup base.


Thanks for the link. My tip is to buy chicken when it’s on sale and then plan meals around chicken. You can shred it for enchiladas, dice it for casseroles or salads etc. We always buy lots of chicken when it’s on sale.


That is a great tip, and likely one I would share. I do a monthly menu plan as well. We have chickens and bunnies so some of our wilted vegetables goes to them.