Pink Lemonade, Parasols & Polka Dots

THEME: Parasols, Pink Lemonade & Polka Dots

Please send your partner a package full of summery goodness incorporating the theme of parasols, pink lemonade and polka dots. Please include at least one handmade item, one thrifted/second hand/vintage item and one sweet treat. You may include other items as you see fit but please try to stay in the price range of under $20 not including shipping. Get to know your partner and exchange a little summer cheer.

Ceekay is my partner and this is what I put together for her. I found this cute little back pack style bag and painted it with pink polka dots. Then I filled it with Bath & Body Works Raspberry & Key Lime Lemonades, Lipton Pink Lemonade, Pink Flamingo glass, Parasol straws, Cherry M&M’s, Pink Polka dotted votive holder, Cherry Lemonade & Fruit Smoothie votives, Cherry Lemonade & Fruit Smoothie wax melts, Cherry Lemonade & Fruit Smoothie tealights in an adorable pink floral drawstring bag, pink polka dot soap papers, Willow tree Angel with puppy (my thrifted item), Pink butterfly sun catcher, Pink Polka Dot beach ball, Sweet Pea pink hand cream, Tin of green tea, Pocket Prayer coin, Pink Breast cancer awareness bracelets, Rubber stamps for scrapbooking (her craft of choice) – bon jour & merci and 2 pink pens.