Moody Mondays

Moody Mondays is hosted by Shannon H. at Moody Mondays!

This week’s Moody Monday is all Fill-in The Blanks!

1. On Monday mornings I like to do the laundry, clean and straighten the house after the weekend.
2. The worst thing about Monday’s is
nothing – Monday’s have just always gotten a bad rap!
3. Sometimes I like to
play hooky on Mondays, but most of the time I prefer to maintain my schedule.
4. I think pets are
5. A wise person once told me there is always tomorrow!



p.s. Whew-you are a busy blogger-you are like Shannon H.-lol! I can’t keep up. I told her she would probably have 70 posts while I will be gone next week-I believe you will too-LOL!

Oh ya~I have added more themes for Scrumptious Sunday-I have 2008 completed-woohoo!

Love Ya!

Shannon H.

Thanks for playing Tamy! I love the composition book tag! Too Cue.

I like playing hooky from work on Fridays 🙂 I am always too busy on a Monday!