Camera Critters – Thumper

My Friend Misty started this great meme.
Who can resist critters? Come join us and have some fun.
You can get more information at Camera Critters.

A couple of years ago someone let a couple of
domestic bunnies run loose and we have
had a neighborhood full since.

Thumper chowing down in our neighbor’s yard on some fast growing grass from all our rain!
Now he’s headed over to the shade of a big tree in the park for a nap.



What a cute bunny! We have quite a few running around here. They’ll jump out in front of our dog, waving their little cotton tails at her and laugh as she can’t catch them. 🙂


I have a couple of wild bunnies who visit my yard from time to time. Little stinkers generally stay at the far end of the yard out of range for a really good photo. That’s a sweet bunny… nice photos.


Oh my … this reminds me of our 1st home near a large vacant field of land. When we planted our lawn, the bunnies came to dine. They may be cute, but they don’t graze … they eat all the way to the dirt, so getting the lawn to fill in took LOTS longer than expected.
Hugs and blessings,