Give Me Five ways to fit exercise into your life

The Give-Me-Five Monday meme is hosted by Becca and is designed to share fun information in a short list. This week’s topic was suggested by Joyce at Mom’s Musings.

Give Me Five ways to fit exercise into your life.

  1. Start by rearranging your schedule so you make time for 30 minutes of exercise each day. You can always find 30 minutes if you try hard enough!
  2. Walk the dogs around the block or a couple of blocks.
  3. Take several quick trips up and down the stairs several times a day.
  4. Park as far away from the entrance to any store as possible.
  5. Do leg lifts or free weights for your arms while you’re watching TV at night.



Oh boy, talk about excuses for not doing any of these five things; I;m terrible! But my day job normally involves quite a bit of exercise; I work in maintenance, so I do get some exercise during the week, but certainly not as much as I should…


Yeah, these are good too! I live on the second floor and usually plan everything around making the least number of trips up or down as possible in a day! I *need* to just buck up and get up in the morning to walk on my treadmill. I HAVE A TREADMILL FOR GOODNESS SAKES! I got it for free, absolutely free!

I think that just goes to show how we don’t appreciate the gifts God gives us. Shame on me!

Great GM5 🙂


Those are all great ideas! I think we all thought of the parking idea, but I don’t usually follow it. I should start. I should go run up and down the stairs now!