The Revival of Common Courtesy ~ 4th Edition {4} ~ Thank You Notes

Emily Post has an entire chapter dedicated towards the art of communication and correspondence. There are some steadfast rules for common courtesy though and I will try to highlight those here.

Despite our busy lives, we should never omit graciousness from them.




Dinner Party

If you are the guest of honor

Appreciated by the host, but unnecessary if you thanked them when leaving

Overnight Visits

Always – except family and close friends whom you see often. You can call them instead.

It is always appropriate to send a note in addition to verbal thanks.


Anniversary, and

Christmas Gifts

Always – except family and close friends whom you see often. You can call them instead.

It is always okay to send a note in addition to verbal thanks.

Shower Gifts

If the gift giver was not in attendance

Many like to send a written thank you in addition of the verbal thank you

Gifts to the Ill

As soon as the patient feels well enough


Send thank you notes to all hand written notes of condolence


All personal messages need to be acknowledged

Form letters from firms need not to be acknowledged

Wedding Gifts

ALWAYS even if the giver was in attendance

Thank you gift that arrives after the event

Should be acknowledged so that the giver knows the gift arrived safely

I have a few great resources to leave you with today.

1) The Art of Thank you:Crafting Notes of Gratitutde by Connie Leas who believes, “Writing a thank-you note is a small but gracious way to repay kindness with kindness…”
2) Personal Notes: How to Write from the Heart for Any Occasion by Sandra E. Lamb who believes, “What’s so often missing from our lives today is the richness of shared humanity, those moments when we feel really connected to other human beings…”
3) The Little Red Writing Book This is an amazing book that covers so many topics regarding writing in general. Page 81 starts the chapter about choosing an appropriate tone that I felt helped tremendously.
4) The Thank You Book For Kids by Ali Lauren Spizman, an amazing book written by a 14 year old. Contains hundreds of fun and creative suggestions for writing memorable thank-you notes.

Next Week: Everyday Manners
Future themes are:

September 2nd ~ Mealtime Manners
September 9th ~ Interrelationships Manners
September 16th ~ Professional Manners
September 23rd ~ Travel & Tipping
September 30th ~ Table Settings
October 7th ~ Babies
October 14th ~ Engagements & Weddings
October 21st ~ Deaths & Funerals

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This sounds neat. I’ll have to stop by on Sept. 2nd for “mealtime manners”. I don’t quite think my all male family has it exactly down yet (LOL!). Still I’ll keep trying.


I love the list of books at the end, especially that one of them was written by a 14 year old. I’m going to have to check it out! Thanks for hosting this meme! Mine is posted. What’s on the agenda for next week?