New Old Desk and Organization – Finally

My cousin Jenn has been not so secretly lusting after my desk set up for quite awhile. The antique foot board is her real dream for a shelf on her own desk. She also loves my 8 foot solid maple plank table. Well, I created a desk area she’ll love even more after a trip to my Habitat Restore. These ugly green, previously solid walnut cabinets are getting painted a neutral color of innocence white, this Formica topped oak table base and the maple plank table top and voile we have a new desk.

I got these great stacking cabinets at a garage sale for a fraction of their worth and they work great for craft supplies. I’m still organizing so this looks a mess, but soon it will be a haven!

I also got these great retro chairs for $10. I love the metal legs – they won’t need to be glued every other week!

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