Thursday Thirteen ~ 13 Things to clean in the kitchen that are often forgotten

  1. *The top of the refrigerator.
  2. *The vents at the bottom of the freezer.
  3. *The vents behind the refrigerator.
  4. *The tops of the cabinets if they don’t reach the ceiling.
  5. **The handles on the refrigerator.
  6. **Door and drawer handles.
  7. **Canister sides and backs.
  8. **Backs of the faucet handles.
  9. Utensils that are in a crock ~ I run mine through the dishwasher once a week, crock and all.
  10. the screen in the oven vent ~ I run mine through the dishwasher once a week.
  11. Toaster crumb tray ~ I run mine through the dishwasher once a week.
  12. Chair and table legs ~ I do these whenever I do the floors.
  13. Light fixtures ~ I do these just before I do the floors.
*I do these at least once a month.
**It only takes 5 minutes if you do it every night as you are wiping down the counter tops and stove.

Don’t forget to stop by and visit Barbara over at Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers for the September Homemaking Shape-up – we’re getting ready for winter for a serious fall cleaning.
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Excellent reminders for us all! Because I have TALL relatives, the top of MY refrigerator is usually clean … just because, but ‘vents’ are easily overlooked. Methinks YOU’RE definitely better at this than I am, but my T-13 is up at Small Reflections this morning ;–)
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The utensils in my crock get used so often that they get washed several times a week. With a family of six, we run the d/w almost daily.

We do forget (or at least I do) to clean the top, bottom, and back of the fridge. Maybe I will do that this weekend.


YA-YA…I know.The first one on your list reminded me of how bad the top of my fridge is. Clutter, clutter, clutter….Happy TT. Thanks for the reminder:)

Candy Minx

Oh sheesh…once a month. I am feeling terrible…I’m a terrible housekeeper. I didn’t even know these locations existed! Heh heh…okay, you inspire me.

I love your avatar, that is so cute. I like her log cabin!

Here is my TT list this week:

I don’t know what was cuter…your kittens or the pink tea kettle! Oh my god, I loved your cat photos and their beds all lined up in a row…so sweet! You really shared a lot about your self in these pictures. You’ve inspired me. My camera is on the fritz, but in October (I’ve got my TT’s written already…for the next few weeks) I am going to do something like this post at my blog. It’s so cool!

Meanwhile…I’ve had trouble commnenting here I’ll try again today…

here is my TT list:

p.s. here is my TT list:

Humbled and with cheers…


These are all part of my deep cleaning, although I only do the refrigerator vent twice a year (Spring and Fall Cleaning). Ours is thankfully enclosed, so there are no coils and it’s never a big deal to clean.

For those who haven’t done their stove vent screen in a while. If it’s all metal and small enough, take a cookie sheet, put the screen in the sheet and put enough Simple Green in to cover. Check it every 10 minutes. When it’s clean, rinse it well and let dry. We do this everytime we move, I’ve seen some nasty screens!