Give Me 5 Monday ~ Birthday Memories

  1. My birthday and my engagement ring from the greatest guy in the world while on a 5 day cruise to Mexico.
  2. My bro-in-law Ray’s surprise party at Pebble Beach – HUGE success & completely a GOTCHA moment for him.
  3. My Sis-in-law Bobbie’s surprise party also at Pebble Beach – even bigger success since NO ONE pulls anything over on her. HUGE HUGE success of a GOTCHA moment.
  4. Eric’s 21st birthday ~ His birthday is Christmas day, but he wanted steaks so we had them for Christmas Eve dinner. It started snowing so we put up the deck umbrella so his dad could finish barbecuing the steaks.
  5. My mom-in-law’s 80th birthday surprise party. They live in Las Vegas and we went to spend the weekend with them, not too unusual. Everyone else did too except they stayed at hotels and as the day work on everyone showed up until the whole family was there and she realized it was a GOTCHA moment when the caterers showed up too.

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Didn’t I already leave a comment? I can’t remember! LOL If not, I meant to. If so, sorry, but who doesn’t like lots of comments?

I think those birthdays where someone is turning 80 (or older) have got to be the best. Sounds like you guys have done a lot of suprise parties. I never had one of those.