Fall always leads to Winter ~ BRRRRRRRR!

Gail better known as Tismee2 over at Squared Off asks “I’d love to know what it is you do to feel cosy when the weather turns cold. Although for some of you in more topical climes, I suppose you just put on a shirt – LOL!”

To use her verbage, it’s time to get out the winter woolies once again here too. It’s a bit nippy here too as last night’s low was 27 degrees and the high was 47 degrees.

I finally ran the furnace this week whether I wanted to or not for the first time of the season and then had to promptly clean the whole house top to bottom for all the summer dust.

In case you are wondering where the cute little graphic came from…. she got it from the University of New Brunswick, Canada website. It’s guidance for international students who are going there to study. Like her I didn’t realize a sled was part of the ‘things to pack’ list though!

So, to answer her question, what do I do to make life more comfy for me during the winter?

  • I change to my wool socks and those are usually worn over my cotton ones since I don’t react well to the wool back do like to keep my toes warm.
  • All of my coats have a pair of gloves in the pockets along with a scarf around the neck.
  • I have a winter coat in the car boot, oops I mean backseat of the truck – in case it’s colder than I thought somewhere.
  • I turn the heat on for a bit as soon I get up.
  • I wear boots rather than tennis shoes.
  • I have sachets, oops I mean packets of hot chocolate in the house.
  • The fridge contains lots of root vegetables for soups and stews instead of salad
  • I wear an ARMY sweatshirt inside and out-all day like a comfort blanket!
  • In preparation of Lake Effect snow, the window and door screens have been replaced with storm windows and there are snow shovels at every door in preparation of the impending inevitability and the firewood is beginning to stack up for the wood burner.

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