Sunday Scribblings ~ If I had to live at a different time in history

Here’s one of those imagination games that I find so much fun. The exercise this week is to decide what era in history you would choose to live in if you couldn’t live now. Not just when, but why? While you’re at it, how about where? What do you imagine life would be like?

This is such an easy question for me. I always wanted to be a pioneer woman, you know Laura Ingalls, prairie girl marries town hunk, becomes local school teacher, has love of family and friends all around her, knows what to do in any circumstance or who she can reliably turn to for help. Women were strong and in control despite the restraints of political times. all the while still being feminine. They ran the home and often times many other aspects. They did it with love, logic and hard work. I enjoy the simpler ways of life without so many gray areas. Canning, quilting, etc…

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That is the time I had in mind too. It seems as if women were strong and respected. I would love to stay home and tend to the house and chores. . .even if it is churning butter and using a washboard : )

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts

I love history and the pioneer days are some of my faves. Love Laura’s Little House series. I like reading about the overland journey too. Lots of VERY strong women in those days and just like you said, they knew how to “wear the pants in the family” when tough times required it, yet they knew how to be feminine too.