While I have your attention and we are on the topic of Round-Ups, Tamy of 3 Sides of Crazy and I are co-hosting another round-up. If you find yourself with the Need to Knead, we have the bread round-up for you. We will round-up all types of bread recipes on October 15th. We hope you will participate!
1. Lemon Ice Cream w/Blueberry Sauce;
2. Vanilla (Basic Recipe), 3. Strawberry, 4. Chocolate Chocolate Chip, 5. Chocolate Banana, 6.Apricot Pineapple, 7. Blueberry Rum Ice Cream;
8. Apricot Ice Cream;
9. Coffee Granita;
10. Banana Split;
11. Vanilla, 12. Strawberry; 13. Chocolate Ice Cream;
14. Basic Cream Recipe, 15. Nougat, 16. Chocolate, 17. Honey, 18. Coffee;
19. Dulce De Leche Ice Cream;
20. Coconut Milk Ice Cream;
21. Peach Sorbet;
22. Raspberry Ice Cream;
23. Lavender Honey Ice Cream;
24. Espresso and Vanilla Ice Cream;
25. Rum Raisin Ice Cream;
26. Copa “Mil Postres” ~ “1000 Desserts” Cup
Coffee Can Ice Cream
28. Sunburst & Orange Pineapple Ice cream
29. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream
30. Egg Nog Ice Cream
31. Cinnamon Roll Milkshake
32. Banana Ice Cream with a mixer
33. Vanilla Ice Cream
34. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
35. Coffee Kahlua Ice Cream Cake
36. “Udderly” Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream
37. You’re Next! 🙂

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