Sunday Scribblings – My Style

My style is an easy and a hard thing to describe. I think back to what my style was in high school and well, it hasn’t changed all that much, ever. I also realize that many of those things went out of style and then came back though I refuse to admit my real age. I don’t physically look it, thank you God and when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror I still see a 21 year old 99% of the time. I blame that on positive attitude.

That being said, my day to day style is casual these days. The jobs I have had in recent years dictates it. I wear Levi’s and decorative Tees. My shoes are based on the season and weather. My hair and make-up vary based on the day’s activity, but not much.

I do have a closet that accommodates any occasion though. I am a girly girl and love to dress up and have the clothes and the accessories, everything from silk dresses to cocktail dresses, to do it, just not the occasions to do so lately.

So, I guess my style is comfortable, but appropriate for the occasion and my age at any given time.

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well i think you sound well rounded and versatile.. i on the other hand don’t have the right clothes to grocery shop in properly,, but that’s ok,, i live in a really small town (pop. 500, i kid you not!!),, and they like me in my jammies!!!!LOL!!!!!


You’re lucky! I look younger than I am from a distance,still have my long hair and stay in good shape – but up close, yikes! – my face definitely looks much older than I am 🙁