Great old washboard, Lisa. How wonderful that you have your grandmothers. I have my mother-in-law’s. She said she washed my husband’s diapers on it!

Mrs. Miles

A washboard! Whoooeee, I bet our children don’t even know what one is anymore. What a creative idea, and what a lovely reminder of the hard work your grandmother had to do to keep those whites white!

Thanks for sharing.


I love it! A practical use for something dear! I have a washboard that I got at an antique store and it sits on top of my kitchen cabinets with some lye soap and other stuff. I like the idea of turning it into a towel holder though!

Last week I shared about my Grandma’s trunk, the “before restoration” photos. I got it back and I have posted its transformation on today’s S&T.


That is a great use for a washboard. We have a couple of old ones in my family–we should do something like that.

Most importantly, though, where did you get that fantastic rooster towel?