Camera Critters ~ Gunner & Whiskey

Hosted by Misty over at Camera Critters.

I took these Thursday while we were hurrying to get the leaves and branches out for pick up before the first snow which is predicted for Sunday and the city is supposed to start picking up Monday. These two just wanted to play though and kept running through the piles of leaves, In theory that sounds fun, but it literally takes all day to do a 1/2 acre and I get real tired of starting over! LOL, they finally settled for the soccer ball and each other’s company until we finished.
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awww to cute. They look like they are happy dogs very content. They are so cute!! I wish my Buddy would play in the leafs instead he lays down and chews on a stick.


Aw … my Molly wants to play too ;–)
My Camera Critters & Photo Hunt are combined at Small Reflections this week. Your ‘scary’ guy is very ‘kewl’ …
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