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This week I’m sharing this great case of creamers I found at a flea market recently. It’s from an old farm and they were milk cream tester bottles. Each bottle had the cow’s name and number on it. I cleaned them all up and made them my spice rack.

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This is amazing. I get so excited when I see people make use of such unusual antiques. This is a beautiful piece. I’d have loved to see the little creamers out of the cabinet. Great post.

Love Bears All Things

I always make a deal with my conscience that I’ll read the first 10 show&tells and then go do something practical like make the bed or shower. However, this morning, I sneaked in 12 and it is 10:00 already. I need to go get busy.
I love this little wooden find of yours. And wouldn’t it also make a neat addition to a craft room. i love organizing and anytime it is also vintage? So much the better.
Mama Bear


I’ve shared in the past that dave & I are Milk Bottle collectors from Colorado Dairies! THAT is really cool! We bought the name plates from a local dairy barn with the names of their cows, while we were living in Southern Colorado. I hot glued picture hangers on the back and now Daphney & Lupita are hanging up in my kitchen!

Hootin' Anni

What an amazing collection. And the idea of a spice rack just couldn’t be more perfect.

My Show n Tell is shared. Come by if you can. And I added a comment link right below the end of my show n tell today, since it’s such a huge blog for Halloween. Gifts galore for all! If you stop by!!!

hip chick

I have never in my life seen anything like that. I never even knew they did those kinds of things with cows and cream. Imagine, some cows giving sweeter cream. that is a cool find.


A SPICE RACK! That’s one awesom use for your old creamers! How cool that the cow’s name and number are on them!! Please tell me one of them says “Bessie” 😉


This is a fabulous idea for a spice rack! Much nicer than my “throw the jar back into the cupboard and shut the door as fast as possible so it doesn’t fall out” method that I’m currently employing 😉