Vintage Thingie Thursday & Show and Tell Friday

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This week I have my dad’s 1st teddy bear from 1937 and my mom’s first baby doll from 1939 (LOL).

My grandmother gave me my dad’s teddy bear for safe keeping about 25 years ago. He always sits on the top my stuffed animal basket in my bedroom. This basket has just a few of the most favorites I have been able to salvage over the years. He wears my dad’s first bib also. You can also see that it has no eyes. Grams said that when daddy was little the reflective eyes scared him so he ripped them out.

My mom gave me “her” first baby doll around the same time. It is a an old porcelain one where the eyes actually open and close. She was extremely damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake and had to have substantial reconstructive work, but she was one of the few things to survive at all. It was at that time that the doll maker told me this had not been my mom’s 1st baby doll as it was from Germany from the end of the 19th century or so and had had other repairs which means it must have been my grandmothers and handed down to my mom.

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How precious! And, you reminded me of a bear my dad sent me from overseas in WW II for Christmas. He couldn’t be home with us for the holidays, so he sent us a box from the Mediterranean. I got a little transistor radio and this awesome stuffed bear. It was about 6 inches tall, sitting, and when you moved his tail back and forth, his head turned back and forth. You could make him nod by moving the tail up and down. Wow! I have to got to go look for it! Thanks for reminding me :). I love your post today.

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I love your special treasures! I’m glad that silly Northridge quake didn’t do anymore damage! I remember shaking like a leaf during that one! Good thing you saved these wonderful treasures!


Awwwwww….makes me wish I had my teddy bear when I was little. I remember it was red and had a button for a nose and eyes I kept tearing out. Your doll and bear are adorable.


Its really quite wonderful to have a 19th century porcelain doll! and one with a personal history too. The doll and Teddy look quite comfortable together 🙂


It’s great you have something of both parents. Our dog ate my dad’s first teddy bear. I really like the doll’s dress, and it’s amazing she has stood up so well considering how old she is and everything she’s been through.