Snowflakes and Sparkles Swap

My partner was Elizabeth over at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord

Elizabeth loves snowmen and I found this great AVON light-up snowman, (his beaded legs light up and flash) a hand painted snowman box, a fun snowman cookie tin, a snowman candle and some snowmen ornament twirlers.

Elizabeth also likes vintage ornaments and I found these 3 vintage ornaments: a red silk beaded cameo, a nativity and an angel that my grandma had made. And a vintage quilted one as well as 2 beaded icicle ornaments. I also had these great vintage snowflakes for making her own ornaments.

A while back she admired some lids I had on my blue ball jars full of buttons so I made some of those for her too. I found this adorable silver Christmas tree candle and then some chocolate caramel bars and hot cocoas for those cold winter nights.

Then today I received this great box from Elizabeth.

Inside was so much fun! She picked out some great Christmas fat quarters for me since I’m a quilter and then she wrapped my packages in fabric too – how neat! I’ve been thinking of making a small Christmas quilt as I’ve been reading the Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini. There is also some gold wire ribbon that is just begging to be used this year.

Elizabeth sent me some ‘green tags’ which I love and have been making for 30 years. Great minds think alike? LOL Essentially you recycle this year’s Christmas cards into next year’s gift tags. It’s creative, fun and pretty too.

I never told her what they were, but she managed to send 2 of my very favorite candies too, Junior mints and my all time favorite – ribbon candy! As a little girl I would wait all year long for my dad to buy that seasonal ribbon candy and was always sorry when it was gone! Better yet it’s made right near her home.

She sent a this beautiful frame which is awesome as I am in the midst of finishing a family photo case in the stairwell that I hope to use in show and tell soon – perfect timing Elizabeth. The fingertip towels will be awesome with all our holiday guests.

There are also Christmas candles, a CD collection of Christmas songs I can’t wait to hear, a bead craft, a patchwork quilted ornament and a Santa pin. Thank you so much for a fun box!

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You probably got the snowman with the light up legs because it “sparkles & shines”, but I am truly a magpie when it comes to things that light up! Great choice!


I can’t wait for it to arrive, now!! Cadbury caramel bars are one of my favorites, and I am so honored you would give me an ornament made by your grandmother. I will take wonderful care of it and tell the story of it to my niece and nephews so they will always remember how special it is!
I didn’t take a picture of your things before I sent them. I thought I was supposed to do it when I received. Sorry, you’ll have to do it when it comes and you post about it. I’ll steal the pictures from you! LOL