~ 1000th Post Giveaway ~ & Christmas Tree Decorating Contest

Christmas Tree decorating contest is hosted by An Island Life

I did some quick calculating this morning and it looks like my 1000th post will be right about Christmas! So in keeping with the Christmas Spirit I’m having a giveaway for hand painted Christmas bulbs. When my cousin Jenn first convinced me to start a blog, I thought I didn’t have anything to say and it would be short lived ~ I guess I was wrong LOL, I seem to have found my voice!

So in keeping with the Christmas spirit I am going to give away sets of hand painted Christmas bulbs. In fact, I’m going to give away 2 sets, 1 for each 500 posts! No two bulbs are alike and every one of them were hand painted by me. When I first started making these it was as gifts. Hubby loved them so much he had me make enough to replace all our old bulbs and it’s always a sweet reminder to put up the tree and remember how much he loved something I did. He decorated the tree almost by himself yesterday and did a fantastic job. We put on the lights and garland together and then I unwrapped the bulbs and put them on hangers while he did all the ladder work.

So to enter and win your own set of bulbs, just leave me a comment telling me what Christmas means to you or a favorite Christmas memory by December 11th.

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You have a lovely tree if I may add…we won’t have one this year (money is tighter than we can bear)…

Christmas to me means opening your hearts to others, sharing with the less fortunate and remembering what life is all about…

-barbarabaker 🙂

Mississippi Songbird

Congratulations! How Cool! I’m way behind you..lol

I want to enter…
My favorite Christmas memory was when I was little.My Mom was a divorced mom of 4. We didn’t have much, but we had love. We made Popcorn garland for the Christmas tree and had hot chocolate and teacakes… We sang Christmas carols.. It is a wonderful memory.and I got some sidewalk skates from Santa.. They were wonderful!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas…


Congratulations on 1000 posts.

Christmas is all about traditions. I enjoy spending time with the family, attending church together to carol and enjoy the same stories year after year.

I also enjoy decorating the tree. Year after year we put up ornaments and remember the significance of them, when they were acquired, who they were from…

We also send out a letter each year to tell family and friends what we have been up to as well as cards. Christmas is a time to connect and reconnect with others and also to review our year in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

Finally, Christmas is a chance to look ahead to the new year with our spirits recharged and rejuvenated after time with family and friends.

That’s what Christmas means to me!


I just posted and forgot what I was doing i was just happy for your for reaching 1000 but christmas for me has meant different things over the years when I was a little girl christmas meant making angels in the snow and waiting to go to grandmas for the biggest christmas eve party ever. As a young mother it was the delight of praying over each christmas present that I wrapped for my 6 children and my excitement to see them so excited christmas morn. Now christmas means all that and more now that I am a grandma and I can buy gifts for my little princess. Oh its begining to look alot like Christmas every where you look….


I would love to win these they are so pretty. I have been blogging myself for a short period of time. You have reached a great point if you have reached 1000


They are amazingly beautiful! Don’t put my name in your hat, not that I don’t love them (I do!) but we keep moving and things keep getting broken and it would crush me if one of these lovlies didn’t make it. (I have lost too many of my fav’s to moves already).

I just wanted to drop a note to say what a pretty tree you have this year. Are you like me? Do you always say “this is our best tree ever”?

Cheers, Kiy


What a beautiful give-away.

Christmas for me is best when I don’t let it get commercialized. It’s reading Christmas stories to my kids while sipping hot chocolate, sitting wrapped in a blanket near the fireplace watching the glowing embers. Seeing the twinkle in my kids eyes when they see what Santa brought.

It’s about family, love and giving.

Anne Fannie

Hi Tamy, I love your ornaments!
I think Christmas time to me is when you should turn your heart and help those in need and less fortunate than you….of course without them or anyone else knowing you are doing it…then you can eat chocolate, lots of it, because its not fatten then…


To me Christmas means an excuse to have the whole family together for at least one day, everyone’s always off in their own little worlds and it’s nice to all come together and enjoy ourselves 😀


My favorite Chistmas memory is the fact that my dad was involved with Toys for Tots oh so many years ago. I loved that my daddy made sure that other boys and girls had toys for Christmas. It didn’t dawn on me that they actually got more toys than I did, but I had something most of them didn’t have.


What a great gift!

Lets see, to me, Christmas means family. It’s not about the goodies under the tree, but a time when I can be with the ones I love. Life is so short and each Christmas I get with family is precious to me. If we only knew which one would be the last, but I guess it’s better not to. How could we stand it?


My favorite Christmas memory is…my husband proposed to me the morning of 12/24 6 years ago. I had stayed up late the night before making an entire dinner to bring to his mother who had been very sick all month. Spontaneously he said, “I’d be crazy not to marry a woman who cooked an entire Christmas dinner for my family – will you marry me?” It was amazing. It snowed later that night and I remember how magical it all felt, the combination of the holiday and being in love and getting engaged. My favorite Christmas eve ever!
I would love to win one of your bulbs – they look gorgeous.


Your tree looks so pretty Tamy near the fire place ahhhh Christmas time is here! Peace on earth and good will to all!

Your ornaments are very pretty, you are very talented.

Rosie x

Drama queens mum

That looks really nice. I’d love to be entered in the contest. Well my daughter is only 16 months old, so we’re just starting traditions with her. But we have the Town tree lighting this coming Saturday & I would love to do that every year (We’ve only lived here for a year next weekend). They’ll have Santa, a bonfire, hot choc. Last year we drove in the moving truck.

Alice Audrey

I can see why your hubby loves them. Your ornaments are fantastic.

Seeing your fireplace reminds me of the way my grandmother would cover her mantel piece in fake ivy every Christmas. Actually, she used the stuff all over the house. We had yards and yards of it. You’d think it would come off looking silly, but instead everything had a wonderful, warm, Christmassy feel.


Your tree looks great, and I love the reindeer sitting by its side!
For me Christmas is about family, traditions, and doing well unto others. For many years we delivered Meals on Wheels so the regular volunteers could have the holiday off. And each year we have certain stories we want to read aloud as a family. We have traditions in where we put certain ornaments on the tree as well as decorations around the house.
I’d love to win some of your handmade ornaments.

Shannon H.

Christmas means being with family and friends and experiencing the magic of the day. Eating lots of food, opening presents (home made or hand made gifts are the best) and signing carols. I miss my parents the most at this time of year but we always talk about them. They are ALWAYS with us.


1000 posts??? Seriously? How long have you been at this blogging thing? The bulbs look very pretty and your house looks festive! Looks like you’re into the spirit of things big time. I’m leaving a comment, but don’t put my name in the drawing … I’m working very hard to get RID of stuph and doing my best to bring nothing non-consumable into my living space.
Hugs and blessings,


those bulbs are gorgeous! Christmas for us is a time for family to gather, relax and spend quality time together. Sure, the presents are fun-but the adults usually don’t swap gifts anymore, we buy for the children. The holidays are a time to laugh, live and love-along with family.

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Tamy, these are absolutely gorgeous! You should be selling them!
I could write a book on what Christmas means to me, I’ll sum it all up – Christmas means love, and in so many different aspects 🙂